Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Broken [Adult Content]

Buttons flew
Shirt came undone
The end of her childhood has just begun
Bound and gagged across the floor
He clenched his fist and locked the door
Forceful and angry, her skirt he tore
One more move and she’s dead for sure

Lots of pain trying to break free
Through her eyes, her heart did plea
Body trembling, beaten and bruised
Tonight she thought my virginity I’ll loose
With a hungry hand, he pushed her thighs
And watched more tears rolled from her eyes

As he shoved her on her knees
Biting and groping as he please
Now he’s force himself inside
Like an animal, her body he did ride

She’d do anything to change her fate
If only tonight she wasn’t being raped
Control without consent was what he wanted
Now of this night, she’s forever haunted
With tear-filled eyes she groaned in dismay
As he took her innocence away

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