Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to You

Picturing your smiling face,
As this poem I blog on myspace
I'm smiling at the twist of fate,
A secret love so sweet, You can almost taste

Remember that afternoon many years ago
gittery and nervous, of my love! you didn't know
I looked in your eyes and in that moment I knew
i had to admit I was crazy in love with you

Who knew of all the people in my past
You were the one, I'd be keeping this close to my heart
This tainted love so true, What were the odds; me falling for you

Unspoken thoughts, feelings of admiration & pride
And even through the passing years, my love I locked inside
A love we have so deep, a love we have to hide

The memories we hold so dear and from us can never impart
For these words seem almost inadequate
To express what's really in my heart

I count myself most lucky of all,
You have filled my friendship chest
So I can honestly say "Happy Birthday to You"
For I too, have been truly blessed

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