Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For My Friend

You can never loose me even if you tried
I’ll always be there close by your side
Our day to day life can get a bit crazy
But with good friends
This circle of life can be amazing.

You’re with me when I’m good
And your still there when I’m bad
I can’t fake a happy face
Because you’ll always know when I’m sad
And when you are sad I will comfort you
And when you are angry I will ask why?

And when you are troubled, I will listen
Because without you in my heart
There would be something missing

If your world seems to be crashing down
You only need to call,
Because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you
My friend, great or small
From my heart, these words I send
In hopes of your aching soul a love can mend
I just hope you know, what our friendship means to me
and if you ever need someone you can always count on me

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