Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For My Arianna

August 8th

Dear Arianna,

I looked at you today and began thinking how fast time is flying right past me. I remember the day you were born so clearly. The Doctor laid you on my chest, and I just stared at you with tears of joy flowed through my heart. I had never seen anything so beautiful. You opened your precious little eyes and looked up at me, as they took you started screaming, The Dr’s all said, with lungs like that you are going to be something else, but I was just happy to see you, to hold you finally
Now I look at you and you are getting so big. You are talking, counting, you already know the theme song to your favorite show , which amazes us each and everyday, Already showing signs of an older toddler and your not even two,
A rambunctious energetic toddler. You are growing so independent. Trying to do so many things on your own. You don't want mommy's help anymore. "Me or Mine first!" you tell me. So I stand back and let you do it. I just can't help think that each day that passes I am losing you more and more. My baby is growing right in front of my eyes.

I love you so much.

I love how you run up to me when I walk through the door and give me a big hug, like nothing else matters. You just let me hold you. As if to say "I missed you mommy."
You are such a gift. I know you are not old enough to understand how I feel. Someday when you are older you will. I just hope you realize, how much your Dad and I love you.


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