Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dying to see MOMMY

With tears rolling from her eyes
She picked up the phone
“0” was the number she dialed

Patiently she waited
Uh, h-hello operator,
She stuttered in a bewildered tone

Is my Mommy there?
She asked, as she sat quietly on the stair
She’s been gone for awhile,
Now with everything that’s happening
I could really use a smile

Well, see my brother is sick
He’s been for some time & no one knew
The Dr’s said its going to take a miracle
For him to pull through

My daddy is so sad,
All night I hear him cry
I watch him as he kneel by his bedside
And ask GOD Why?

We really miss her
And wish that she could see
How much he has grown,
And how good we can be

This morning he whispered;
Its going to be Ok!
Said he loves me dearly
But no longer could he stay

I kissed his cheeks gently
And he told me not to cry,
Because he can hear the angels singing
And of my love, to Mom, he is bringing

I’m sorry operator
I didn’t mean to make you cry
But my brother is my best friend
And I’m not ready to say goodbye

I know if I can reach her
She’ll make things alright
She could probably convince him
Not to give up with out a fight

I know she is heaven
But I don’t know where
So by chance can you
Quickly transfer this call
So I can talk to her there?

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