Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I Rise

Today I watched the sunrise
Through my window pane
And thought to myself
It is I WHO Controls my life
Today is the day I break this chain

For those lonely nights I cried
And those days to my friends I lied

The hurt I felt before
In my heart lingers no more

A once detached soul
A broken heart
In a desolate place
No strength to move on
No courage to stay strong
No Determination to help me be free

As I rise I feel the Life-force
Nudging so strong burning within me

My tomorrow already looks brighter
The load that’s lifted feels much lighter

This lost Soul no more
Like a Phantom will I soar

Today is the day I gain control
Of what was taken from me,
As you walked out the door

Today is the day I rise
For everything within me

Today is the day I rise
Not for who you wanted me to be
But Today I’ll rise, FREE TO BE ME

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