Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Little Graduate

My Daughter
My Heart
My Joy
From VPK
You’ve Graduated Today

As I watch you recite your lines
My heart tremors
As I try not to cry
I’m very proud of you
Today is your day
And I’m beaming with pride

Moving on to kindergarten
Seems like an eternity
But you’ve waited ever so patiently
I know you are excited
About riding the bus
Do your homework
And try all the things
That makes you seem grown-up

But it’s Ok to take your time
There’s no rush
Trust me
You’re ahead of the line
To learn all you need to know
Get a head start on life
And gain the knowledge
To successfully grow

Bittersweet it seems
Leaving everyone behind
But you’ll meet new people
And plenty of friends, you’ll find

Time is going by so fast
I feel like I blinked
And five years flew past
I’m loosing my baby
But so proud of the person I see
Full of life
A confident young lady
You are turning out to be

~ Love You Princess

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