Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Minaje' [Adult Content]

We lay down in a triangle of sheets
The smell of rum lingering in the heat,
Collapsed across the bed, the pillow gently catches my head.

Your lips gently pressed against mine;
Here comes your tongue right on time
Your body now pressed hard against mine,
Hands exploring: Every curve, every feature,
Every dip and every line

You hold me firmly by the hips
And slide inside my luscious lips,
I scratched your neck and pulled your hair
And let my feet fly in the air

I wind and grind upon your face,
just knowing how you love my taste,
Then with your mouth you took it in caressed the flesh and sucked the skin,
I'll take you in as deep as I can go; long and strong, steady and slow,

Now I'm feeling bold and frisky
What are we doing, this is much too risky,
Don't stop now, don't feel ashamed,
this night we'll never mention again
The pain from a broken heart, I feel no more
This triangle of pleasure is more than I can endure

Then when you're done I just won’t quit
I'll roll on over and taste those lips
I'll work my magic up and down,
From side to side then back around,
With every stroke I'll share your treasure
And drown my soul in waves of pleasures

We'll rock the room and shake the bed
Till our eyes roll back into our heads
Then as fire flies between my thighs
We've ignited the passion of my flame,
my lust, my deepest desires.

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