Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Devour Me [Adult Content]

Gracing the room
Eyes undress me
Accepting the challenge
Drawn closer into thee

Like a moth to a flame
Perilously lingering near
Trapped by lust
Overthrown by loneliness
This is no illusion
Just a night filled with mystery
Breath as soft as the wind
Whispering so close
Tis you I desire
Flowing kisses so sweet
Heart skipping a beat
Bodies entwined
Unleashing the heat
Cascading waves of pleasure
And for a Moment....
Nothing else mattered,
Just an echo of my voice
Over and over and over again
.........."Devour Me"
Unselfishly feeding my greed
Shh!.. No empty promises tonight
Just cradle and hold me tight
For tomorrow,
Thoughts of you will make me smile
As satisfaction lingers on my mind

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