Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cinema [Adult Content]

I feel your fingertips dance across my hand
I inhale deeply and close my eyes
Tilt my head slowly as if to fade away
Your hand rest on my knee,
Slowly making circles up my thigh
Quickly looking around I make sure no one else can see
Now I’m drifting with you, wherever you want us to be
My hearts pounding away in my chest
Feelings of nervousness, hoping we don’t get caught
You caress me reassuringly and
Teasingly glanced down my shirt
My temperature is on high
I can feel the wetness between my thighs
Moving to every rhythm your finger makes
I looked at you and felt the rush
Seeing the anticipation build in your eyes
You read me and smiled
I leaned over and silently let it out,
Our hands connect, fingers entwined, as lovers do
I clench my thighs
The pleasure’s too much
….I moaned your name in a silent hush

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