Sunday, October 7, 2012

What Makes you Different ?


What makes you different from him or I
A questions that’s been puzzling
my pessimistically skeptic mind

What makes you different?
Words I ask myself
Is it desperation to find a fault
That mentally, 
your character, I assault
If all men were created the same
What makes you different?
Or does it only apply
to the way you play the game?
What makes you different from the rest?
If I cut you will you not bleed?
If I shatter your emotions?
Will your heart not recede?
What makes you different?
Can you honestly say
that you can love
the same person always?

You get upset
when put in the same class, as the others from the past
But what makes you different
And what makes you think
whatever this is,
Will it last ?

What makes you different from the rest
Will you not break when put to the test
Will you walk away
Because you think its whats best
What makes you different I ask myself?
Can you love me for the person I want you to see
Because the person I am with you
Is better than the person I used to be

When in love, you see no end
Nothing she does can make you break or bend
But what about, when there’s not much more you can take
Will you take back your love
 and replace that with disdain or hate
So what makes you different from all the others I date
Your heart beats in your chest
Blood runs through your veins
Your skin may be different
But don’t you all think the same ?

© Lisa Goycochea

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