Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If you're a bird..

(My daughter pretending to be a bird)

My darling daughter
Every day I wake
I treasure every moment
I get to spend with you
Today, as we laugh and played
Pretending to be birds
Soaring through the air
I smiled;
Because you have no idea
How much you’ve given me
I watch you stretch your arms out
Pretending to soar
And all I could think of was
Be her wind
Might not make sense
But if you wanna be a bird
I’ll always want to be the wind
Safely beneath your wings
I’ll be the sound you hear
Whispering; its Ok to leave the edge
Giving you the freedom to fly
The courage to soar
Lifting you so high
You’ll have own view, on how to see the world
Not by anyone elses standards, but by your own
And when you’re not strong enough to fly     
I’ll be your gentle guide
And when you just want to soar
I’ll be the balance you need
And when you are tired
I’ll carry you, for as long as you need me
And no matter, how old you get
I’ll always be here
So as long as you want to be a bird
I’ll always want to be your wind.

Love You Eternally


© Lisa Goycochea

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