Friday, October 5, 2012

Live Out Loud

Been here before, seen it all
Thrown pain, resentment, forgiveness
Now much needed caution to the wind
Not afraid to let go
Or completely give in
Not afraid to accept
Nor afraid to reach in
Still confused by this emotion
You want
Then you don’t
You love
Then you won’t
The feelings
Some are afraid to face
Too many moons past
With time callously misplaced
And the only thing I have to show
Are the lines left on my face
This is my now
This is my when
Stepping outside the lines
Shunning the past
Embracing the future
I’ve settled for less
Now I’m ready for more
Living and breathing
In this moment
For when my time has come
I can lift my eyes and say
Don’t cry for me
Treasure my memories always
This was my life
I’ve lived it my way
With no regrets
Only how, I saw best.


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