Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Darkest Light

Inspired by Michael Buble’ “Lost”



~Like a shooting star
So full of love and a lust for life
I’ve watched you from afar
But lately you’ve been so consumed
I barely recognize who you are

I feel you ache
And slowly it tears me apart
But you are not alone
I’ve been here from the start
Like a shadow, I’ve watched you grow
Carried your spirit, sheltered your heart 

You sit in that dark place
With those tears upon your face 
Barely breathing,
Hoping to disappear without a trace
Each day trying to be strong
Swallowing your words
Just to get along

Days drag on
Nights sustained alone
This place you’ve settled in
Is making your heart cold as stone
The simple sentiments
Are but a breathless eco
Which makes you question
What you already know

This love you once knew
Has become so strange
Making yourself crazy
Wondering what has changed
Trying to control your emotions
That you’ve locked deep within 
As anger consumes
Your patience grows thin
Feeling you can’t win
So you’re slowly giving in 

The signs have always been there
Now the writings’ become clear
Everything’s moving so fast
Slipping from your grasp
But don’t be sad
Just like everything else
This, too shall pass

I know things don’t seem so right
The once bright future
Suddenly doesn’t look too bright
But you are not alone,
I’m here for you
I won’t let you give up
Without putting up a fight

Ill be your shoulder
Your annoying conscience
And your guide
And when you need me
I’ll be here, right by your side


© Lisa Goycochea

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