Monday, October 1, 2012


I want to love you
Without warrant
Without fear
Without discernment
Without worry
Without intervals

My heart is open
Ready to be filled with the beauty of you.
My mind,
Overflowing with thoughts of you
and only you.
My body has been branded
By you,
and Like a Fein, it craves the warmth of you

I think of life ever after
and It  illuminates my soul
Because you’re the one
The only one, my hearts wants to have and to hold
I want you to want me,  the way I want you
Love me like I’m the only one made for you
Meant for you
Like water to earth,
The only one who quenches you
Like the morning sun
The only love that can
Nourish you ‘
Sustain or break you

Breathe me, Like I’m your last wish
That tantalizing aroma
…. bouncing off your favorite dish

Breathe me
Till you can hear me
Taste me
Feel me, through the heartbeats
Echoing from your chest
Breathe me,   
Like I’m the oxygen to your brain
The soother to your pain
And most of all
The only love that’ll keep you sane

Just Breathe
breathe ME …


© Lisa Goycochea

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