Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a Kid


I'm just a little kid
and my Daddy thinks I'm fine.
He say's I never cause him problems,
but my Mama say's he's blind.

I have to eat at the table.
I can't eat and watch T.V.
She makes me say 'Yes not Yeah',
Thank you and Please."
Dad say's there's lots of time
for me to learn these things and
he never does get mad when
I track mud in all the rooms.

He say's I'm just a kid
and I meant no harm
when I wrote on the walls and
dumped my toys in the yard.
Mom made me pick them up and
even made me clean the walls.

I think Dad is right and
I shouldn't work so hard.
Mom makes me clean my room
and pick up all my toys.

My Dad hates to see me spanked,
but my Mom sure don't mind.
She says it's good for me,
it will teach me wrong from right.

My Mom and Dad are friends.
They don't fight or anything.
The only time they disagree
is on what they think is good for me.

      Lisa Goycochea



  1. I think this a fine poem that captures the not uncommon minor disagreements that can occur between a mother and father trying to rear a beautiful young daughter.

    As the father of three sons and two daughters, all now degreed and on their own, I must confess that I suspect the parental roles depicted in this poem may reverse themselves when this young lady hits her teens. Mother may turn supportive then as father grows somewhat stern, especially after his daughter brings home the first of a string of good-for-nothing, lousy boy friends.

    At some point he may end up quoting me, "Where does she find them!!!"

  2. thanks for taking the time to read it :)
    but you are absolutely right, she has him wrapped on her pinky right now but i do know the tables will soon turn.


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