Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Live & Let Live

Too much wanting
And not enough giving
Too much dreaming
and not enough living
Too much anger
And not enough forgiving
If you want your heart to be free
You have to let it go
Just let it be

It’s never a mistake
If you walk away with a lesson
Believe in yourself
You are blessed
So start counting those blessing

When your world seems dark & grey
It’s ok to cry, but remember
The sun has to come someday

Stop following the path
And make your own
You’ll never know if you can
Unless you try to walk alone

Some say experience is key
But its only experience
If beyond that
You’re too blind to see

Stop staring
at the closed door
and look around
for a window
Live your truth
Do the best you can
And when you feel
You can't go anymore
Raise yourself up
And reach alittle more

Stop talking
Start doing
Move the roadblocks from your mind
And you can accomplish anything
Peace comes from within
And if you can feel it
Others around you
Are likely to see it

Live and let Live
© Lisa g

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