Monday, December 13, 2010

*So you wanna be the wocket in pocket?

*So you wanna be the wocket in pocket?
A trinket that hangs off my body
Like a heirloom locket
The constant buzz in my head
The only other thing that gets me off in bed
Just the sound of your name
Makes my heart beat faster
And across my face,
That naughty smile I’ll plaster

*So you wanna be the wocket in pocket?
My alarm that chimes in the morning
And the chamomile that soothes me at night
My sweet yet satisfying addiction
Doesn’t matter; necessity or greed
I’ll keep you up
‘Cause you’ve got what I need

*So you wanna be the wocket in my pocket?
It’s a hard role to play
I can be the devil
I can be an angel too
These are the challenges
Just to name a few
Sinful days
Long nights
And servicing me without pay
Requirements: Physically fit
Able to handle me
And keep me lit
I’m tough but fair
I have to admit
The benefits are reasonable
But only if you commit

*Still wanna be the wocket in my pocket?
Heed this sirens advice:
If you’ve applied
Avoid the humiliating price
And hold onto your pride.
I have needs..
And I hate to feel deprived
If you can’t put in the work
Then application DENIED

So unless you’re the Energizer
I know you’d never survive
Cause my thirst alone
...Will devour you ALIVE.

© Lisa Goycochea 12/13/10


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