Friday, December 24, 2010

Reflecting: 2010 My year in Review

2010 My year in Review

2010 almost over
And I’ve done more this year by myself
than I’ve accoplished in a few years
All because I stopped worrying about
What, when & how everyone else think I should be
I let go of the Fear
Of asking
Of doing
Of trying
Of failing
And of wanting more for myself without the guilt

I’ve made peace with the devil
And walked away with a light conscience
I’ve made a lot of friends, and didn’t loose any
I stepped outside the box and loved it
I dated a few and walked away when I needed to
My left hand was asked for twice
I said No and I have no regrets
I’ve done a lot of things, with no regrets
I’ve said a lot of things, with no regrets.

I’ve treasured everyday
Every moment,
treating it like a borrowed gift
I’ve let go of words like:
“I would BUT..”
“I cant”
And “I shouldn’t because”
Instead I made myself the epitomy of the quote:
I came, I saw and I conquered

I hit the books and got what I wanted
Just to prove to myself I could.
I loved harder, I smiled brighter, I forgave faster
I’ve had minor ups and downs
But I only took them as making me stronger, wiser and better.

I’ve given more and asked for nothing in return
I’ve litterally dance like noones watching
I’ve eaten everything I wanted
Just made better choices
So I don’t look like, what I eat

I’ve watched my daughter grow
Into an amazing, talented, smart, mouthy 5 year old
That I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world
I watch her sleep and wonder, how did I get so lucky.

I’ve made peace with God
And in return he’s accepted me, like I never left
I still cry when I pray because I know,
Even though I deserve so little
I’ve been blessed with so much
And no amount of paying it forward or giving back
Can ever sum up my gratitude for such blessings

This year has been another wonderful journey
And I can only hope to make it even better in 2011
So from my Family to yours, We’re wishing everyone
A safe & wonderful Holiday Season & Many more Blessings
Throughout the New Year

Peace & Love
Lisa Goycochea

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