Saturday, November 24, 2012

Two Years Ago Today


Two years ago today,
If I hadn’t built up enough courage to venture
I would’ve never dawned my gym shorts
And proclaimed meeting a stranger
Was my form of adventure
2 years ago today,
If I hadn’t unchained my heart
took a flaming torch to the past
and set free my spirit,
I would’ve been too busy looking back
and missed out on a fresh start
Honestly, 2 years ago today
I told myself
You weren’t what I wanted
You weren’t what I had in mind
But God had a plan
And You, were his First choice
That answer to the prayer
I was aching to find
Because of 2 years today
I am blessed beyond compare
God knows why,
Why He brought you here
He knows your heart
And if, it is his will
Me, Loving You
Then I have nothing to fear
Today, I’m thankful
For the strength you’ve given me
To let go and love unconditionally
For the joy you’ve brought my heart
For a love that’s blossomed
Ever so beautifully, right from the very start
The laughter that fills,
what was once an empty space
Is now sealed with a smile,
that’s engraved on my face
A love like this normally comes once in a lifetime
And for you my Darling William
I wouldn’t trade these 2 years
for anything in its place

I Love You
Happy 2 years


© Lisa Goycochea

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