Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eye of the beholder

A heart so rare, so sweet
That’s you
Perfect and beautiful
In everything that you do

I owe you so much
You just don’t understand
You have given so much
To this tattered heart in hand

My heart pounds rapidly
As I think of you and smile
Your aura blinds me
As you’re silhouette fills my mind

Your love has left me speechless
Not many words to describe
What it is that I’m feeling
Has got me burning up inside

I can’t help it when I hover
Always hugging & kissing on you
The love you’ve given me
Makes it so easy to un-dotingly
Give it back to you

You mean so much to me
Hopefully with time you’ll see
My heart is pure and true
And all the love I have to give
I Only want to give it to you

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