Thursday, March 13, 2014

Only You


It’s a blessing,
to have someone that gives their all for you;
not only by saying it
Someone who can put a smile on your face
without even being in the same room
who cares for you sometimes more than you ever
dreamt of caring for yourself
Someone who fills you with motivation
when your will has settled
Who always has your best interest at heart
Who’ll stand with you
when you backs against the wall
And is there to catch those tears,
if they ever do fall
I always count my blessing
But when I think of you
I always count twice


© Lisa Goycochea

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I thought of you (ADULT CONTENT)


Sitting here I think dirty thoughts of you
Wondering, if you think of me too
I smile as I imagine sitting on face
My fingers trace your lips
So subtle I crave the taste
Uneasy I get comfy in my chair
Imagining your body
Caressing your hair
I bite my lip
As I hold back from touching myself
Sitting here alone, tapping at my keyboard
Enjoying every ounce of pleasure
My imagination hoards 

I look back to my thoughts
I see you standing there
You smile and motioned me to come near
Coyly I accepted
I held you and kisses your lips
Inhaling, I look away to calm my mood
I can feel the rush of hormones
Trickling thru my spine
Playfully my fingers part my lips
As I imagine it’s yours, at the end of my finger tips
As my senses heightened
Again, I smile a dirty little smile
Crossed my legs, trying to contain the heat awhile 

In my mind slowly I'm undressing you
Kissing, caressing you
My heart pounds rapidly in my chest
One button
Then two
There’s no rush
It’s my fantasy
So it’s just me and you.
You kissed me gently and guided me down
As I slowly unzipped your pants
Appreciating your work of art
Gently I kiss inch by inch
Quivered at every thought
Of how big, long and strong
End to end you are
Cupping your globes, as my tongue trace the tip 

I imagine firmly stroking up and down
Like a lollipop I lick and lick
Deeper in my throat I take you in  
Stroking and sucking all the way down
Licking in circles ‘round and ‘round
I'm biting my lips as I write these words
Squeezing my thighs tightly
Yearning to squeeze my nipples and rub my tits
Or even touch myself just for a little  bit 

 I suck you in deeper and deeper
With a shift of emotion
You held my head firm
Began pumping in and out
Harder and harder
Deeper and deeper
You moaned softly
As you violated my face
Kneeling there
I’m enjoying the moment
Enjoying the pace
Faster and faster  
You pumped in and out
Greedily I accepted it all in my mouth
I can sense the tension,
You’re about to explode
I held my head back,
Ready to catch your load
With a burst of relief,
You explode on my tongue
You taste so good, I don’t want to stop
But I'm pleased with my work
So I swallowed every drop  
I kissed it softly, and tucked it back in
Giving you a satisfied kiss  

I walked away with a grin.

  © Lisa Goycochea

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To My Angel

My Angel,

I smile as I write these words,
because you have given me more than any one person deserves.
You are smart, intelligent, thoughtful, well spoken, kind, loving and ever so beautiful
Today, marks another year that has been nothing but joy for everyone that encounters you
I look at you and I can’t be anything but proud of you
My heart sinks at the thought of how fast the years drift by,
I see you smile, and play so carefree and for a brief moment, 
I wish I could keep you this age for a couple more years
But then I listen to you talk and I know, even though I’m loosing you to the years
You are growing into the most amazing child any mother could wish for
Infinity doesn’t begin to express the words my heart feels for you
So for now, stay sweet my love
And Enjoy your 8th Birthday

 ~Mom  1/2/13

Monday, November 26, 2012

56 Reasons Why...



There are many reasons why I love you,
more than I can ever count,
But here are 56 reasons, that truly stand out.


1.       I love your lips and how they part when you smile

2.       I love your glasses on your sweet face

3.       I love your shiny head

4.       I love how we complete each others thoughts & sentences

5.       I love the way you make me feel safe when I’m with you

6.       I love your twisted humor

7.       I love the way you look at me, (like it the first time you laid eyes on me)

8.       I love the way you love me (its admirable)

9.       I love how you appreciate  the little things I do for you and think they are big

10.    I love the way you cuddle me before we fall asleep.

11.    I love that you listen to what I have to say & let me finish my thoughts without interrupting

12.    I love the way you hold my face when you kiss me

13.    I love it when you whisper; “I love you”, when we make love

14.    I love how you’ve manage to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world

15.    I love that you’re ticklish (its cute, to hear you giggle uncontrollable) don’t worry I wont tell anyone J

16.    I love that you indulge me by letting me pick out the movies or channel to watch

17.    I love that you show an interest in what I care about and back me 100%

18.    I love that you always put me on the inside (safety side), when we walk on the street (I always smile to myself when you do that)

19.    I love that you take the time to drop me off curbside, instead of letting me walk through the grass

20.    I love when you pick me up (even though it scares me) I know I’m safe in your arms

21.    I love that you consider my needs, more than any normal person should

22.    I love that you indulge my shoe fetish & help me build the shoe closet

23.    I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only person that I can see is you

24.    I love how loving someone like you;  feels like the perfect Romance Movie

25.    I love the way you protect and defend me

26.    I love that; if you take my car, you always put gas in it, so I don’t have to

27.    I love how my heart goes crazy inside my chest, just by the mere thought of you

28.    I love the way you look when you're sleeping (so peaceful)

29.    I love that you love photographs/and taking pics just as much as I do

30.    I love that you don’t mind taking me for sushi, even though you don’t eat it 

31.    I love your unexpected tokens of love (flowers, cards, love notes, good morning text, emails, breakfast or coffee run)

32.    I love that if I get sad; you stop what your doing and hold me until however long it takes to feel better

33.    I love that you are not scared of PDA

34.    I love that you always take my hand, when we walk or even when we are driving

35.    I love it when you kiss my forehead

36.    I love when you call me “baby"

37.    I love that we don’t argue

38.    I love when you look at me and say “You’re so Beautiful”, almost like it’s the first time you’re seeing me

39.    I love that you are always willing to venture out and try new things with me

40.    I love that you are not controlling, or loose your temper with me

41.    I love how you try to do any and everything to make me happy

42.    I love that when I look to the future; its you I’m looking forward to spending it with

43.    I love the way you get your point across without destroying mine.

44.    I love the way you make, being in a relationship Sooo easy

45.    I love that you love watching the sunset/sunrise just as much as I do

46.    I love that it doesn’t matter how long it takes me to get ready; you never complain or rush me

47.    I love when you call me just to say; “you miss me” or simply that you “love me”

48.    I love your competitiveness (we make a great team & even better opponents)

49.    I love that you always try to dance with me, even when there’s no music (it tickles my funny bone, making me blush like a teenager)

50.    I love how we can enjoy each others company without saying a word and its still beautiful

51.    I love how we can spend hours doing nothing and still have an entire day packed with fun

52.    I love your way with  kids. (you’re gonna make a wonderful father some day)

53.    Because of you, no matter what tomorrow may bring, I know today my life is more complete with you in it



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Two Years Ago Today


Two years ago today,
If I hadn’t built up enough courage to venture
I would’ve never dawned my gym shorts
And proclaimed meeting a stranger
Was my form of adventure
2 years ago today,
If I hadn’t unchained my heart
took a flaming torch to the past
and set free my spirit,
I would’ve been too busy looking back
and missed out on a fresh start
Honestly, 2 years ago today
I told myself
You weren’t what I wanted
You weren’t what I had in mind
But God had a plan
And You, were his First choice
That answer to the prayer
I was aching to find
Because of 2 years today
I am blessed beyond compare
God knows why,
Why He brought you here
He knows your heart
And if, it is his will
Me, Loving You
Then I have nothing to fear
Today, I’m thankful
For the strength you’ve given me
To let go and love unconditionally
For the joy you’ve brought my heart
For a love that’s blossomed
Ever so beautifully, right from the very start
The laughter that fills,
what was once an empty space
Is now sealed with a smile,
that’s engraved on my face
A love like this normally comes once in a lifetime
And for you my Darling William
I wouldn’t trade these 2 years
for anything in its place

I Love You
Happy 2 years


© Lisa Goycochea

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Who am I but a collection of what once was?
Rain, sunshine, spirit, substance, fear and love
Cycles of life and death, amnesia and revelation.
A traveler on a quest for purpose and happiness
Looking outside I see shadows.
Looking inside I see my true self.
Surely, my surroundings define me.
Rarely do I acknowledge that I define them.

A collection of once was, yet I still collect.
Need something from others. Need love.
Touch. Share. Gather. Give.
Only a heart already open allows love in.
I forget what I already know.
and just do what feels right.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Every time I see you

When you look at me,
My heart skips a beat
When you hold me in your arms
I feel so complete
Even when it’s silent
No words are necessary
So no need to speak
You show me what
Amazing looks like
Every time I see you


© Lisa Goycochea

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Plan



I promised myself
I’d never fall
So around my heart
I’ve built a wall
I’ve convinced myself
Love will never find me again
But destiny knew better
Just a matter of how and when  

That night you asked me on a date
To me it was just another night
Getting to know a friend
Chilling, sharing a plate
In my head I went over the rules
Telling myself to play it cool
If it seems too good
Leave reason for doubt
Be a good girl and no staying out
If sex was the question – always wait
And no kissing until at least the 2nd date  

My rules were simple
I had a good plan
Dinner and a Movie
And a few winning hands
But then you kissed me
And everything went black
Nervously I pulled back
Trying to grasp the composure,
my emotions lack  

Your persistence I admire
Dauntingly your eyes showed desire 
I started thinking I should call It a night
But my limbs were too weak to put up a fight
You kissed me again and I slowly gave in
Right then …
I cared less who you were
Or where you’ve been
I kept thinking
We can write our destiny
Chapter One…
This is where, our story begins 

Meeting you was fate 
But falling in Love
Was never in the plan
For while emotionally
I was trying to sneak out
My untamed heart
Somehow snuck you in


© Lisa Goycochea


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Are

You are the reason I smile
The reason, I want to make you smile
Mesmerized, chasing butterflies around my heart
The light at the end of the tunnel
That subtle tingle down my spine
You are the reason
For what it is I seek
Simple joys of Life,
Comfort, Love, Laughter
And all that our life together has to offer
You have become that safe spot
that I didn’t think I needed

© Lisa Goycochea

Friday, October 19, 2012

To Love (Random Thought)

To truly love is utter madness
There is always a test of Will
Now that you’ve found it
What WILL you do to sustain
What WILL you do to maintain
What Will you do to keep it
That which you’ve set aflame ?

© Lisa Goycochea